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Same me, New year 2022.

Well, hasn't this year been shitty eh? We've all lost someone or been affected by Covid. Personally for my wife and I It's been a roller coaster. Not many people know this but we tried to adopt. It didn't work-thank god! I wasn't ready. I've decided I need to be more selfish. It's totally new to me, honest! I don't know how to do it, but I'm trying.

So, here's what I've learned. People are divvy's and I prefer dogs. No I'm kidding-well mostly. Don't kill yourself being there for people who will run at the first sign of trouble. They are cowards and most likely will still live at home, drive a hyundai igo and be still attached to their mams tit. They will also have a phone contract in their mams name. VILE!

Leopards don't change their spots and the ones that brag that they have the most, are the worst. That's just a fact, ask google if you don't believe is.

Trust no-one who hasn't shown you, you can. Don't tell people too much, move in silence because people will quickly show you that you shouldn't of told them anything. When you fall down, get back up like you were supposed to fall anyway.

I've learned to show a lot less emotion, it gets used against you sometimes when your'e soft hearted like me. You get hurt too quickly. Awful behaviour.

I've learned how to bake, I am actually decent at it, I'm also pretty decent at eating the shit I bake aswell. My pants scream at me on a regular basis haha!

I would say I have learned how to decorate in lockdown, but I didn't. I learned how to whinge so much about it that I now have a permanent decorator (thanks Kate). Shout out to Joey D- what a guy!

I miss my friends from my old place- you know who you are! Couldn't of made it without you sometimes. Mind, I don't miss the hangovers!

It's weird because there is someone from my past that I miss sometimes, when I hear a certain song or smell a certain perfume but I couldn't have that kind of toxicity back in my life. The lassy has a habit of accosting other peoples partners-if you catch me drift. She can stay where she is and I wish her well, just not well enough to bring her back into my life. I hope she finds her happiness, she took mine once. Sad really but its true, but if you ever read this, just know. I forgive you and I did a long time ago.

As I'm sitting her having swallowed a full bottle of trampagne (Asti) I think about how my previous NYE's have gone...some of them were wild. Best times of my life. I always spent them with Carlylee, she's me number one. She has a baby boy now so we have to be sensible (fucks sakes)! just kidding. I love him! Maybe next year you can leave him with Joey and we can go on the missing list? For old times sake? (I'll get the pulse in)!

Finally, I want to say, have a great New Year. Don't change though. Be exactly who you are. If people don't like you, that's their problem.

Catch you on a back flip 2021. You've been dog shit.

All the best, always.

Ash xo

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Jan 02, 2022

Love you more than that xxxxxxxxxxx


😢 mate don’t i had a tear reading that! I miss the pulse days, just make sure when we do there are no trees about 😩😆 and Joey D loves you 💖 xxxxxxxxx

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