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Apparently I'm flash.

Hello lovelies, sorry I've been quiet but life is hectic.

I've been poor, in debt and comfortable. In any situation I've worked my arse off. Anyone who knows me, knows how I make a living. It ain't pretty. So why is it, now I'm married and settled and have a few pennies people think im posh or flash? As most dickheads like to call it.

To me, flash means you're arrogant. Showing off. Rubbing your Rolex in people's faces but it's on finance. I cannot bare it. I'm not fucking rich. I wouldn't even say I was well off but because of the car I drive people automatically think I'm a prick. I'm the most humble, down to earth person and would give my last quid to someone who needed it more than me.

Regardless of where you come from or what you have if you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. I don't care how many zeros is on your bank statement or if there isn't any at all. Pisses me off.

People only ever want to see me when I'm down and out. Like if I have the slightest bit of success I'm automatically a prick. The same people wouldn't think twice about asking for money when they don't have anything but I give it to them.

Some people would rather see me with nothing than have anything nice that I worked for. It's a sad world when you can't tell someone you're proud of them for doing well and you only sympathise with them when they are at a level you're at.

Regardless of what car you have or don't have, the house you live in, your status, I don't care. You're nice to me? I'm nice to you. Honestly I think life is hard enough without being an arse about what people have or don't have.

So I think some people in my life need to remember that. You're in my life because I want you to be. Not because I need you to be. I'm probably in your life because you need me to be. There's a huge difference. So think about that the next time you call me posh or take the piss. I have nice things because I work like a mad woman and make sacrifices and next time I see you carrying your 10 iceland bags in the rain I will beep and drive past you in my fuckin "flash" car like that prick that you make me out to be.

Hope you're all well,

Take care,

Ash Xo

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Only thing flash about you mate is the white lightening in your veins from when we were younger 😂😂

Gefällt mir
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