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It all began with me leaving cupboard doors open. I have no idea why I do it. Kate used to walk behind me closing them so I didn't realise. Its now a running joke in my house. This then developed into me forgetting my keys and my purse or putting them in the fridge. I then realised...I was going mad. Going crazy. I had to see someone.

I met Susan* she was kind and nice, expensive, but I thought 'worth it, worth it to keep my mind healthy,' After a few sessions of re-writing the past I didn't feel better. (I'm all about a quick fix-no patience here!) I was depressed. This is not a new feeling for me; used to it.

Life carried on. I was in a dark spot, couldn't communicate with Kate as normal, bickering and not speaking about things and when we did, loggerheads. I needed to find an outlet. I tried my hand at baking. I'm pretty good at it but I'm getting fatter so I had to cut that out, much to Kate's annoyance!!

I was desperate for a hobby but I always think I'm not good at anything, Kate is a techy, loves her hobbies! I am not! struggling to type as I write this! So here I am. I've always loved writing things down; the kind of person that doodles when I'm on the phone and ends the call with a piece of paper covered in stars and flowers etc. Then I worked it out. If I cant speak to a stranger and get it out, writing it would be my best option. Now, I'm not saying this will be any good and sometimes I go a million miles a minute but its helping me.

Helping me control my scatterbrain, helping me to remember my keys, purse and to always shut the cupboard doors...Helping me to be kind to myself and cut myself some slack, not a slice of cake. xo

PS. These are not mine but they do look delicious.

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Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan
30 dic 2021

Curious, have you been tested for ADHD? I was diagnosed in 2018 and the first paragraph of this blog, screams out ADHD.

p.s. if you’ve not, ADHD doesn’t mean you’re Hyper.

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Me gusta
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